Because of these laws, death on a massive scale, has taken place. Waves of fires in California, waves of mud, waves of hurricanes, waves of US military crashes (cruisers crashing into boats, sunken submarines, and aircraft), waves of plagues (locus/famine/virus) now.

God’s wrath is upon the earth for no other reason than Megan’s law, it has been judges evil.

I promise you, as the only true servant of the Lord God Jehovah, like my brother Moses once told a king, this goes though, something horrible, something very bad will happen. What? I have no idea, perhaps your super volcano at Yellowstone will turn USA into an atoll.

Stop this insanity and outlaw Megan’s law. The FBI will tell you, that when I say something, it WILL happen.

Who am I? I am the “most dangerous” man on this list according to the Megan’s law enforcement, for I am innocent, and the FBI/Police know it.

This is not a threat, this is the warning from the Archangel Ishmael.


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