Some great news about UNTOUCHABLE, David Feige’s award-winning documentary

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When the most powerful lobbyist in Florida discovers that the nanny has sexually abused his daughter, he harnesses his extraordinary political power to pass the toughest sex offender laws in the nation. UNTOUCHABLE chronicles his crusade, and its impact on the lives of several of the 800,000 people forced to live under the kinds of laws he has championed. The film interweaves intimate portraits of men and women who have been branded sex offenders with the heartbreaking stories of those who have suffered sexual abuse. It is a film that pushes viewers toward an uncomfortable place, requiring them to walk in the shoes of those who have survived sexual abuse, but to still bear witness to the experiences of those we revile.

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Women Against Registry National would like to offer a debt of gratitude to those who made donations to enable some of our members to participate in the ‘Rally in Tally’ which is part of this incredible documentary. Those taking part in the rally were:

Derek L.
Tom M.
John S.
Bonnie B.
Gary W.
Shirley F.
Kathy F.
Terri B.
Ashley Q.
Sebastian (green poster)
Vicki H.

Jan 13, 2019 at 02:47pm

As advocates we have to make sure Congress

stays ‘woke’ and State Legislators get ‘woke’

to major Criminal Justice Reform

The Dobbs Wire: Untouchable NEWS – streaming starts JAN 15th!

Some great news about UNTOUCHABLE, David Feige’s award-winning documentary…


At last, the film is available for streaming starting JANUARY 15th on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.


See it!  Bill Dobbs, The Dobbs Wire


Stream it starting January 15

on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

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2 thoughts on “Some great news about UNTOUCHABLE, David Feige’s award-winning documentary

  1. I want you all to make sure you check out the ongoing case in Indiana Kirby Vs. State of Indiana. It has now been submitted to the Indiana supreme court with an added Amici Brief and has from what I saw the first time where a sitting panel of appeal court judges had made the point that SORNA was punitive and not in an effort to protect the public this is a ongoing case that shows just how SORNA can and does make more victims and in reality protects no one !!!!!

    1. The state of Indiana appealed to the state supreme court. The supreme court reversed the order of the court of appeals. This was a set back in this case however the most recent case out of michigan that the Federal district court found in does v. Snyder found that the plaintiffs were correct that SORNA was life long punishment. Now I know what you are all thinking but there is really good news about this. So the 6th circuit court of appeals also agreed with the plaintiffs in that case. If the state of michigan would have left the decision alon there it would have only applied to the plaintiffs in that case. However the arrogance of the states govener against the opinion of the michigan states attorney who sided with the plaintiffs in an amicus brief the govener appealed this case to the Supreme Court of the United States. The highest court in the country declined to take the case from the appeal of Michigans Govener. The fact that the court declined to take the case lays out that the Supreme Court found upon the record ready established in all the lower courts was more than adequate to determine that if there was a decision by the supreme court it would be the same finding that SORNA in michigan (SORA) is and always has been a continuation of punishment. This also gets better the biggest question now is that if SORNA is life long punishment controlled and administered by law enforcement and written as law under the title one of the Adam Walsh child safety and protection act is now also an 8th amendment violation. Believe me this very question is now being fought in federal court I will keep you all informed about this as new effects take place in the federal court system. If anyone would like specific answers or other information on this please let me know on here. I am keeping up the fight for my family you do the same for yours best wishes this Christmas season give everyone…..

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