One of our biggest concerns at WAR is the dissemination of information—correct information—to the public. Registrants in the USA are mistaken for all being the one and the same monsters of which the media and politician alike tend to surmise.


Women Against Registry media contact:
800-311-3764, option #1


What we provide for the Press, Ezines, Law-makers and other media sources can be found here as the most factual and up to date material available on the subject of registrant’s dissonance and the families of registrants alike.

WAR Family Brochure for Media Press and Families


White Papers

Position Paper on the Registry

The Sex Offender Registry
A Position Paper by Women Against Registry

Gonzaga International Conference on Hate Studies, WAR Handout

Hate Studies Conference Handout, Woman Against Registry

The Effects of Demonization, a Public Registry, and Fear of Intolerance…