Harsh treatment of people who committed a sex offense is based on flawed social science

Robert Longo, the author of the 1986 Psychology Today article that was cited in the SCOTUS case: Smith v Doe 2003, as the source of the false “frightening and high” statistic, refutes his 1986 claim that the SCOTUS relied on.

In the video 1:20 – 3:08 regarding the 1986 Psychology Today article, Robert Longo now says:

“That’s Absolutely Incorrect”
“Its, … Its Wrong”
“Its, … Its not true”
“If you’re going to base laws at a federal level, you don’t cite popular psychology magazines no matter who the author is, me or anybody else. Its not a scientific journal. I’m appalled that this could happen. This is not my intent, not my intent at all.”





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