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Recent State and Federal Legislative Decisions Here are some key terminologies that will help you get started in becoming pro-active within your community. ACT –– Legislation enacted into law. A bill that has passed both houses of the

Emily Horowitz, a sociologist and author of Protecting Our Kids?: How Sex Offender Laws Are Failing Us

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The sex offender registry is ineffective in the prevention of crime.


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WAR letter to Judiciary Committee Members Sept 24, 2019

      September 24, 2019 Vicki Henry President – Women Against Registry 1661 W. Highview Dr. Arnold, MO  63010 Re: Please include this letter in the public hearing record of the Interim Judiciary Committee hearing scheduled for

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About International Travel to Germany under IML passports

This is a very interesting video about a man that left the United States while on probation to Permanently live in Germany as his new home to live as a free person.  He shows what the new International

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Kids on the Sex Offender Registry

by Michael M. The headlines today are full of stories of righteous indignation over immigrant children being separated from their families. While that dilemma is certainly newsworthy, the American public seems largely unaware of the fact that tens

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A QUICK LOOK AT THE AGENCY TASKED WITH PROMOTING THE ADAM WALSH ACT The Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Tracking (aka the “SMART Office”) is hosting a symposium in Chicago on July 17th and

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Windsor Locks, Connecticut – voters repeal law limiting sex offenders

WINDSOR LOCKS, Connecticut — Voters decided Tuesday at a town meeting to repeal an 11-year-old ordinance banning people on the sex-offender registry from many public places in town. The 50-13 vote came after more than an hour of

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Federal Lawsuit Against State DOC Alleges Due Process, Civil Rights Violations in Lifetime GPS Monitoring

A Chicago law firm has filed a federal class-action lawsuit against the Wisconsin Department of Corrections alleging civil rights violations concerning the use of GPS monitoring for sex offenders — many of whom have completed their sentences and are not

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News and Landmark Decisions

Safe International Travel in the Age of the International Megan’s Law (IML), December 2019

SPEAKER: Paul Rigney; Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, The Founder of Pecos Data Systems, and the Executive Director of RTAG or Registrant Travel Action Group Paul’s presentation was very informative. He spoke of the laws about international travel

Will someone please correct this journalist?!?

November 17, 2019, 6:48 pm Yuma, Arizona’s NBC News 11 just posted a horribly misleading article titled, “Released to Reoffend: News 11 investigates the sex offender next door.” The irresponsible news story makes the absurdly inaccurate statement that

Every Life Matters: From Forced Housing on Death Row in Florida To Living Free in Europe as a Human Rights Advocate, November 2019

SPEAKER: Steven Whitsett; Human Rights Advocate This is a fascinating talk by a very interesting speaker.  Steven talks about his journey through life in Florida and his struggles in dealing with the judicial system; he speaks to how

The Tyranny of the Registry, the Trial Penalty, the Implementation of the First Step Act, and the Case for National and State Judicial Reform, October 2019

SPEAKER: Nina Ginsberg;A Founding Partner at the Law Firm of Dimuro Ginsberg PC in Alexandria VA and the current President of the National Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) Nina spoke about various topics from the perspective of

The WAR Call September 2019

This is the 4th edition of our Periodic Newsletter; a National publication from Women Against Registry. Click on the “Read More” link to view the pdf of the newsletter.

IL: Win – Federal Judge says internet case can proceed

September 26, 2019, 5:11 pm A Federal Judge in the Northern District of Illinois has DENIED the IL Department of Correction’s Motion to Dismiss in a case challenging the DOC’s policy of restricting internet access to parolees. The

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