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Recent State and Federal Legislative Decisions Here are some key terminologies that will help you get started in becoming pro-active within your community. ACT –– Legislation enacted into law. A bill that has passed both houses of the

Emily Horowitz, a sociologist and author of Protecting Our Kids?: How Sex Offender Laws Are Failing Us

Emily Horowitz Debate

Fighting for Families

The sex offender registry is ineffective in the prevention of crime.


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CCEPA: Sex and the Citizen pt. 4 – Children’s Sexuality: What are we afraid of? – Judith Levine

A good history lesson about sex and many facts are presented here by Judith Levine. Learn how sex offenders were invented by many lairs in the last several hundred years. Judith Levine Author of Harmful to Minors: The

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WAR letter to Judiciary Committee Members Sept 24, 2019

      September 24, 2019 Vicki Henry President – Women Against Registry 1661 W. Highview Dr. Arnold, MO  63010 Re: Please include this letter in the public hearing record of the Interim Judiciary Committee hearing scheduled for

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Mo Supreme Court rules sex offender law does not apply before 1995

The Missouri Supreme Court ruled that “anyone convicted before the law took effect in January 1995 does not have to register”. By AP/KWMU Jefferson City, MO – The Missouri Supreme Court Friday upheld the state’s sex offender registry,

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About International Travel to Germany under IML passports

This is a very interesting video about a man that left the United States while on probation to Permanently live in Germany as his new home to live as a free person.  He shows what the new International

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Kids on the Sex Offender Registry

by Michael M. The headlines today are full of stories of righteous indignation over immigrant children being separated from their families. While that dilemma is certainly newsworthy, the American public seems largely unaware of the fact that tens

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A QUICK LOOK AT THE AGENCY TASKED WITH PROMOTING THE ADAM WALSH ACT The Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Tracking (aka the “SMART Office”) is hosting a symposium in Chicago on July 17th and

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News and Landmark Decisions

Better to be a Murderer than a Sex Offender

In 2007 I signed a plead agreement and went to prison for a sex offense. At the time the law in Missouri said in parole guidelines that I was required to spend 59 month in prison prior to

Attention Virginians: Action Needed ASAP

A Special Session of the Virginia State Legislature is taking up justice reform legislation.  Contact your Senators and Delegates quickly to register your support for HB1532 which “Establishes a four-level classification system for the awarding and calculation of

The Dobbs Wire: It didn’t have to end this way

The Dobbs Wire:  It didn’t have to end this way.  One month ago today, Hector Rodriguez died in a New York City jail.  He was homeless and locked up for failing to keep his sex offense registration updated.  Reuven Blau

MN ACLU Should Help Krych, in the Interest of Justice

“A civil commitment to MSOP is, essentially, a life sentence.” Download the PDF file .

The WAR Call March 2020

This is the 6th edition of our Periodic Newsletter; a National publication from Women Against Registry. Click on the “Read More” link to view the pdf of the newsletter.

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