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Professor Emily Horowitz Saint Francis College, Brooklyn Heights

Professor Horowitz is a professor of sociology & criminal justice and directs the Institute for Peace & Justice and founded and co-directs the post-prison college program (a nationally recognized program that helps formerly incarcerated students earn college degrees).

Professor Horowitz authored Protecting Our Kids? How Sex Offender Laws Are Failing Us (Praeger, 2015) and worked with  Law Professor Larry Dubin on Caught in the Web of the Criminal Justice System: Autism, Developmental Disabilities and Sex Offenses.

Professor Marci Hamilton is the Robert A. Fox Leadership Program Professor of Practice, and Fox Family Pavilion Resident Senior Fellow in the Program for Research on Religion at University of Pennsylvania.

Hamilton is the leading expert on child sex abuse statutes of limitations and has submitted testimony and advised legislators in every state where significant reform has occurred. She is the author of Justice Denied: What America Must Do to Protect Its Children (Cambridge University Press), which advocates for the elimination of child sex abuse statutes of limitations. She has filed countless pro bono amicus briefs for the protection of children at the U. S. Supreme Court and the state supreme courts. Her textbook, CHILDREN AND THE LAW, co-authored with Martin Gardner.

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