Attention Virginians: Action Needed ASAP

A Special Session of the Virginia State Legislature is taking up justice reform legislation.  Contact your Senators and Delegates quickly to register your support for HB1532 which “Establishes a four-level classification system for the awarding and calculation of earned sentence credits to apply retroactively to the entire sentence of any inmate who is confined in a state correctional facility and participating in the earned sentence credit system on July 2020.  (This bill incorporates HB1370).”

The bill will be retroactive to the beginning of an inmate’s sentence. Credits can be earned by participation in programs and classes, good behavior, and change. Supporters see it as important the incentives are available to all inmates equally within the prison population without exception. Messages, letters, and calls are best by July 31st.  The Special Session starts on August 18th

If you need to retrieve contact information for your legislators this link can help:

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