I was victim to an internet sting operation. I was pursued for nearly a year by the FBI to be lured into a trap. Yes, I was online looking at pornography and in a chat room. And no, I was not looking for an encounter with anyone underage. I did not meet or arrange to meet anyone EVER. My actions were strictly on line. I knew it was immoral but I did not know it was illegal. The website strictly outlined that you must be 18 to enter and participate in conversations and exchange photos. That said, I was arrested and charged with possessing child pornography. For that mistake I was sent to prison for 5 years and am listed as a Tier III on the Sex Offender registry.
My home has been vandalized. My wife and children are ostracized in our community. My bank cancelled all my accounts that I had in good standing for over 15 years. I was only able to purchase a home in my neighborhood because everything is in my wife’s name and there is no clause about excluding sex offenders. There has to be a better way. The laws we currently have do not protect the public, they are merely punitive. The last time I checked that is unconstitutional. The recidivism rate for non violent, first time offenders is less than 1%. Politician are unfortunately the ones to change the laws affecting the registry and NONE of them want to be accused of being pro sex offender.

In the state of Missouri it is nearly impossible to rent an apartment, get an education or hold a decent paying job. The Registry puts fear in the heart of the public and makes it impossible to live a meaningful life. PLEASE PLEASE Change this system

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