This proposal is an unfortunate set of circumstances. It has Epstein written all over it! To begin with this is ALL political and will get passed, for sure. Yes its wrong, yes IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL but will take many lives to rectify. Who knows what this Country or this World will look like but maybe someday it will be looked back upon as Discrimination once was and we are still fighting that! For years I followed the straight and Narrow. Did ALL that was demanded. Went to hundreds of hours of Therapy and eventually made it through to the other side only to find new and more onerous hurdles are being presented everyday! You call SORNA and IML a scheme? Not punitive! Its in the Publics interest. What about the best interest for individuals and families that struggle with doing the right thing ! Making amends, being descent TAX paying citizens. So the answer is to put MORE Citizens in Federal Prison? How much does that cost? And dont think as in just dollars, think about the collateral damage, the Domino effect. And this proposal captures ALL Registered Citizens, not just the heinous but the Sexters, the marginal indecent exposers, the Internet Sting people, the Thousands who WILL NEVER REOFFEND! This proposal looks good on paper, has a great sound bite but the only bite it has is to the backsides of those who are trying to do the right thing! In several places it says; Will benefit the Sex Offender. Really! How disingenuous. It only wants to PUNISH, not help! This proposal will place some many traps in place that it will basically prevent a Registered Citizens from ever traveling, anywhere. The hurdles are too high, the risk is too great. Congratulations, you have finally conquered us. Put us in dungeons.

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