How is of this “Justice” The justice departments own studies shows that ” sexoffenders” the lowest rates of recitism of any other type of “criminal”. I was convicted in Alabama. for RAPE 2nd.. ( sounds bad if you have no idea) where the girl lied about her age. ( so it was really statutory rapebut people know what that means and is not shocking) . She admitted that I was mislead , she admitted she was the one who come on to me.( so really she commited the crime) yet none of that matters. All that matters is i really believed she was of age when she wasnt and that she came on to me and we had consentual intercourse. So Im guilty. I have to register for life. My one and only “sexoffence”. I have not had as much as a parking ticket in 15 years but every year new laws are passed that keep me from being able to find a job, have a place to live or even go on a vaction without being able to have one day of peace. Please stop this oppression. This piling on has to stop. If you want to do something to REALLY HELP FUTHER PULIC SAFETY . Remove those registrants that do not pose a risk to public safety .If some one poses such a risk they cannot be trusted to live as everyone else lives keep them in prison. Everyone would be better off. The public would be safer and the “sexoffender” would not live a life of total opression that gets worse evryday not matter how hard they try…….One has nothing to fear of the man that has a job, a family, and a home. he has nothing to lose. BUT one should fear the man that has nothing to lose. there are one million people on the list. I just do understand why this keeps happening.

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