As a U.S. citizen being forced to register for a misdemeanor offense, I find the entire registration and notification act laughable. Posting someone’s face, notifying the world that this person “ might be a danger to others”, marking their passport, and denying them the freedoms that SHOULD come with the completion of all requirements of their offense ( incarceration, fines, probation, etc ) is tantamount to the Nazis marking the Jewish community in the 1940s. And as a descendant of a relative that experienced that, I can tell you the stigma never leaves the person’s mind.
I have loved ones I may never get to see in person again. Family members that can’t understand why I am still being punished, and don’t think for one second that this is not punishment. You can argue that is for public safety all you want, but the purpose is clear to whomever experiences this farce of justice.

Dangerous persons need to be supervised. And yes, some will never change their ways. But why are so many having to pay the price for what a few have done. Drug dealers kill and abuse more people In a single city in a yr than all sex offenders have done nationally since the laws were enacted. Stop believing ( and I honestly think you don’t) that there is a high recidivism rate among registrants, because there isn’t.
Time has come to tailor back these unjust laws to allow those that never committed a violent act to be allowed to continue with their lives. Without the threat of vigilantes assaulting them, or law enforcement harassing them and their families.

We have paid our debt, so allow us our peace.

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