The rules that are being applied are very punitive, retroactive punishment is not ok in this country , to retroactive a life of shunning and debilitating rules are not American. Our country is built on compaction and the ability to forgive. How can a person provide for their families when people have the internet to look up anyone’s entire life to use it against them to hold them down , that is punishment at the highest level to retroactive a life sentence by a attorney general is not ok. I know people make mistakes, you should leave the powers of sentencing to a court of law.Thats what these rules are you are going behind law makers backs with this move, Millions of Americans have already served their time. What makes it ok to punish them even more & more , Change is a must , these registries are as punitive as it comes. Please do not enact retroactive life long rules to destroy not only the people these rules apply too, but so many families suffer because of this registry . Two wrongs will never make a right . I hope the Supreme Court will correct the powers you have chosen too abuse .

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