Murders of Registered Person Directly Attributed to the Public Registry/ SORNA:

There have been nearly 200 Registrants, loved ones of Registrants, or people mistaken for Registrants murdered by vigilantes who used the registry as motivation for murder. Here are just a few of them murdered by the registry:

7/2/20, Lebanon, MO: Dustin Lee Combs murdered Mark Pitts; Combs’ brother told investigators that in the past, Combs said, all child molesters should be killed.

5/6/20, Omaha NE: James Fairbanks murdered Mattieo Condoluci; Fairbanks used registry info and egged on me Facebook vigilante group to choose his victim.

8/10/19, Modesto CA: Samuel Cervantes, Matthew Arguello, and Ruben Rosales beat an innocent homeless man to death after mistaking him for a registered person.

4/30/18, Sabine Co LA: Blake Joseph Kendall murdered Jerry W. Scott and Adam Jeter, 34. The state charged him with a hate crime because he targeted the men for being Registered Persons.

12/26/17, Las Vegas NV: Michael Thompson killed Alfred Wilheim because he hated Registered Persons; he killed Wilheim’s girlfriend Rhonda Ballow because she was dating a Registrant.

6/7/17, Russellville KY: Lance D’Artagnan Lear killed Jerry Caudill by setting Caudell’s house on fire. One of the juveniles interviewed told detectives that Lear had spoken of shooting or stabbing the man or burning down the house, and made reference to the victim being a pedophile.

8/29/16, Mt Pleasant UT: Raul Francisco Vidrio “confronts” Wesley Dee Nay about “being a pedophile” before killing him, then cut up and burned the body to conceal his crime.

4/26/16, Doniphan MO: Matthew Brandon Bruce and Michael G “Mick” Harris murdered Jonathan Tarvin after one of their kids found Tarvin’s info on the registry; they burned the body to conceal the crime.

6/8/14, Cullman AL: Jay Maynor attacked and murdered Raymond Brooks in his own home; Brooks had served time for a sex offense against Maynor’s relative years ago but Maynor attacked Brooks only Maynor shot into a building full of kids after a spat with his daughter’s boyfriend, who implied Maynor was a coward for not going after Brooks.

5/26/14, Fostoria OH: Charles Schaeffer, Shey L. Weiker, and Timothy D Hall used a road flare to state a fire that killed Daniel Marker Jr and his non-registrant girlfriend Tara Vance. The murderers tried justifying the crime by falsely accusing Marker of molesting one of their children.

4/3/14, Fresno CA: David Barrera and Patricia Perez murdered a longtime friend, Lawrence Ballesteros, after seeing the victim in the local media as part of a US Marshals compliance check operation.

7/22/13, Columbia SC: Neo-Nazi skinhead duo Jeremy and Christine Moody used the registry to select their murder victims Charles Parker and his non-registrant wife, Gretchen. The Moodys wrote a manifesto in which they stated, ““The only cure for child abusers and molesters is to have every member of their immediate family killed. These nefarious crimes and people should not be allowed to procreate. By destroying their immediate family members, you purify the blood line. This is the only way to ensure that they (the pervert or family) cannot ever hurt a child again… I don’t think my suggestion is immature, I think it’s the only answer, and if you don’t agree, then you two should be destroyed.”

3/12/13, Augusta ME: Bruce King aka Bruce Heal murders registrant Lawrence J Lewis in an attempt to hide accusations of sexual abuse against him. King tried to claim it was Lewis who was molesting children and not him.

6/2/12, Port Angeles WA: Patrick Drum ambushed 2 registrants; when police caught him, he had plans to kill two more. Drum was a career criminal; one of his cellmates was Michael Anthony Mullen, who murdered two Registrants in 2005 in Bellingham WA.

12/2/11, San Juan Capistrano CA: Robert Eugene Vasquez bragged to police he ambushed Bobby Rainwater after his mother saw the registry flier and bragged he heard the victim’s lungs pop when stabbing his back.

12/17/10, Las Vegas NV: George Casanova and James Fragala decided to murder David Morrison after they found a card left by the registry compliance officer, and later bragged about taking out a “chomo.”

8/10/09, North Palm Springs CA: Steven Banister and Travis Martin Cody, self-avowed white supremacists, bragged about using the registry to target Edward Keeley and wanted to kill “homos and pedos.”

6/2/2009, Pascagoula MS: Lee Craig confessed to police he hated Registrants and didn’t consider his victim, Silas Miller, a human being; Craig has already shot Silas in a separate incident.

11/20/07, Lakeport CA: Ivan Garcia Oliver stabbed Michael Dodele 65 times because Oliver saw a registry flier and assumed Dodele was a child molester.

4/16/06, Maine: Stephen A Marshall, a Canadian national, drove to the US and murdered 2 registrants; one of his victims was a teenager convicted for mutual relations with a classmate.

Repeal SORNA now!

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