Abolish the registry. It does not work, end of story.

I am a former victim of forcible rape at 15 years of age, and I am completely against the public registry. I welcome longer prison sentences, but the registry is destructive to the community and society as a whole. It is the very definition of cruel and unusual punishment, and it’s collateral damage on our country is broad. The registry is the greatest travesty of our generation. The registry only exists and thrives upon fear, hate, and public hysteria. It does not create safety, just as studies have shown over the years, and has no ability to act as a deterrent. It serves to create a new class of individuals and oppress them, many of them innocent and pushed into plea deals due to the nearly unlimited power given to DAs to convict. The vast majority of registrants are considered low-risk, with most crimes being committed by those who were never on the registry. Ironically, those released from the registry show an even lower rate of recidivism than those who are kept on it. Use the facts. End the madness.

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