I am the parent of a registrant in Michigan.

As you are already aware, studies that have shown that the SOR is not achieving its intent, and in fact is causing more harm than good. Registries are an impediment to securing housing and gainful employment, thus making the communities of registrants less safe. The impact of SOR also extends to families of registrants. I can’t be on our neighborhood watch because my son is a registrant living with me. My grandson can’t experience the happiness of having his father participate in school activities. There are many many more adverse effects.

Registries do nothing to affect recidivism rates, and ignore the fact that recidivism rates for sex offenses are already lower than almost any other crime. Interestingly, the State of Michigan suspended enforcement of its SOR in April, and this has had NO reported effect on the occurrence of sex crimes.

In regards to the tiers, no one should be subject to lifetime on a registry regardless of tier, especially if the offense occurred when the registrant was a juvenile. Given that the effectiveness of SOR is questionable and that the tier is not an accurate predictor of recidivism, shorter times on the SOR for all tiers seems appropriate. There should also be path off the SOR for compliance and no further sex offenses.

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