I am against this for so many reasons. When I married my husband 20 years ago, I had in mind that the list was only a minimal part of our lives and would eventually be gone. Unfortunately, that is not how things have gone. We have lived in a constant state of fear, anxiety, harassment, and continued underemployment as the laws have been continually been changed and added to. The restrictions are so unreasonable for most of the circumstances of the people on the registry. My husband had one mistake as a juvenile and it has followed him ever since. Making amends, receiving forgiveness, serving his sentence, and doing all of the other requirements should be enough for a second chance. I have lived all of the negative twists and turns of this registry every step of the way. It limits my rights, freedom, security, and right to my pursuit of happiness. I didnt commit any crimes. We have 4 teenage children who have also been negatively impacted by all of the restrictions. What about their right to the pursuit of happiness? Please think this through!!

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