I believe the sex offender registry act is a waste of money the recidivism rate for sex offenders is very low and there’s also put sex offenders in danger of being harmed by people that hate sex offenders and a lot of people that are in the sex offender register are on their for crimes that on adults the sex offender registry was designed to protect children so if your crime has nothing to do with the children why should you be on there and there should be a way off the sex offender registry everybody should get a second chance I was wrongfully convicted now I got to suffer the rest of my life on a sex offender registry for a crime I didn’t even commit I feel like sex offenders see no other way than all they’re going to be as a sex offender their whole life so what what motive do they have to ever change to be a person that won’t commit another sex crime when they got their community harassing them and telling them that they’re sex offender pedophile I think the sex offender registry there’s just something that is forever placing the title on somebody and it gives them no hope to ever want to change because of people figure hell on the sex offender for life I might as well be a sex offender when has the sex offender registry ever saved a victim from being assaulted is there any facts or case laws that can justify the sex offender registry

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