The sex offender registry is supposed to protect children, yet children are more often harmed by ot than helped. Because people on the sex offender registry have children too. A registrant cannot take their children to the park, be involved in their children’s education, and in many cases the children of a registrant are harrassed and bullied, driving a wedge between the offender and their children.
Other than murderers sex offenders have the lowest recodivism rate of all criminals. There’s no murder registry, or arson, or drug offense registry. Meth runs rampant in this country and a large part of crime is meth related. Its definitely a public health and safety issue, yet there is no registry for people who have been convicted of meth production, possession, or distribution.
The sex offender registry is a public hit list and the children of registrants are often the collateral consequences of vigilantism.
When a person pays their debt to society they are free to continue their lives and be productive citizens without any restrictions, except in the case of those convicted of sex offenses. We should focus on preventing crime, and offering help to those who have inappropriate thoughts and tendencies, rather than perpetual punishment of people who commit crimes.

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