I should start of by saying that I am a daughter of an offender, and no not a victim. My father has been on registry since it first started
and though his sentence was very small, he has to register for life. It started out with just 15 yrs to register, then moved to 25, then to life every few yrs. This is wrong, and I highly oppose the registry without ways for them to come off.

Myself I am a nurse Practitioner and have seen first hand the effects of victims of the registry, thus being family members, children, teens, spouses, relatives and etc; and none of these actual victims of the offender. These are victims of harassment, bullying, targeting and humiliations, depression, anger at justice and even death associated with the registry. The registry dose not help people, it destroys lives. I have had two teens clients that committed suicide because of bullying and harassment in school due to a family member or relative on registry.

There are what 500,000 sex offenders on the registry, and there is 10 times that whom are family, kids, teens, young adults, and etc., which is directly affected by the registry. The registry is not helping those mentioned, it is destroying them and killing them.

There was a case down south where a couple targeted sex offenders off the registry the couple made their way into house citing car trouble. Then killed the offender, and killed other family members just because they were there. This fear lives in the 5 million (conservative number) of people associated or related to offender, such as the children, teens, and young adults of offender. This fear drives depression, and suicide among kids and teens. The registry is not helping or saving kids, it’s hurting and destroying them.

The registry is costly and as a tax payer I’m fed up with paying tax payers dollars to keep offenders on registry for life. I believe in fairness, and the way the registry is set up is in no way fair. There should be individual assessments to determine risks, there should be limits to how long they remain on registry, not life time. For example, a 65 yr old stroke victim that is paralyze should not have to continue to register for life. Why? state and federal greed for money?
There are many offenders that should come off the registry, and yes, there are a few or handful that should stay on , I agree. But the majority including my father, spent nearly 28 yrs on it and never so much had a parking ticket all those yrs. A roll model citizen.
I beg the question of assessments and way off registry as the answer, not throw everyone on a life time death sentence by being on registry for life. The registry has affected me as well, and my own children are getting harassed and bullied because their grand father was an offender from many years ago. This is wrong, and this should not be happening to innocent children because someone uses the registry to bully another.

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