Though, I understand some concerns regarding the less severe sex-offenses, such as indecent exposure and how it affects them equally to the much higher sex offenders. I still support the contents of this regulation. Sexually related offenses and human trafficking is increasing rapidly, there is a need for tighter restraints against offenders. There may not be a database for non-sexual offenders but sex-offender almost always utilize other non-sexual offenses along with their crime/s.

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  1. This makes absolutely no sense. As people forced to register, we have to be afraid of taking a piss in our own back yard (for those few that have undisputed access to one) for fear that we will be arrested and you imagine we can be involved in human trafficking?

    I’d honestly like to meet some of your examples cause they have some major skills that the majority of us could and would use in a more moral manner. Like maybe more effective stings? Getting actual resources to donate to actual victims of sexual assault, getting blackmail material to force some of those scumbags in the senate to make rational laws, I could honestly go on but you get the idea.

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