What you’re doing here is unwarranted and is going to cost thousands of people and families their jobs and homes (and possibly lives). There’s no call for this. In fact, there’s no call for the registry as a whole. The only reason it’s able to exist is due to legal gymnastics allowing for a Nazi Germany-like scheme, all in an effort to help political individuals gain victory points for re-election. There’s zero empirical evidence the registry has helped keep people safe and reduce recidivism, and an overwhelming amount of evidence from every corner of US and abroad that shows that it not only not meet its stated goal, but in fact helps create an overall unsafe community by not allowing people to productively reintegrate into society. It should greatly frighten people that the government has the power to do something so horrible without presenting evidence to its validity. People who support and expend it despite knowing all the harm it causes with no positive gain, will have a special ring of hell waiting for them.

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