As an American Citizen I am opposed to yet more restrictions placed on select members of our society and by extension, their families. There is simply too much evidence contradicting the myth that RSO’s will go on to commit more crimes to justify the actions suggested in this proposal.

Facts should matter more than emotions in this case as many questions arise from what is being proposed here. For instance, where are the resources and manpower coming from in order to undertake the proposed actions? How effective is the Registry in its current form in addressing new crimes when more than 90% of all new sex crimes are being committed by those who are NOT on it?

As a taxpayer I question the need for the Registry in general and question its effectiveness in any form, especially with the numerous independent and Governmental funded studies that suggest it is anything other than effective. Given that these “civil” measures continue to multiply in many States, this proposal would be best if, without dismantling the Registry outright, placing a ceiling on what States can do rather than set a base in regards to the amount of restrictions placed on a person forced to register.

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