Ex post facto as well as due process are greatly ignored for sex offender registry. There are a number of disproportional impacted people with mental health as well as youth on the registry. I personally have a cousin who dated a slightly older person consensual and they had a child together. The two families didn’t file charges nor did anyone get placed on the registry. They are racing their families and they are living normal lives. The idea of youth being charged for 2nd degree statutory when they consensual is sickening and hypocritical. Too many states are forcing non-violent and no contact human beings to be treated as violent or repeat offenders. The children and family members are forced to take up firearms to defend theirselves from neighbors who seek to assault their relatives simply because that no contact or first-time, non-violent SIS registrant is on the registry. Too many states go further than the federal government in not allowing American voters to ever be allowed to be removed from the registry. It’s understandable if it is a repeat or violent offense but the mere notion of a low level, first time or no contact registrant affirms the concept of non-violent and that person should always have the opportunity be removed from the registry in 25 years or less automatically barring that there are no reoffenses. Failure to not register in time is not a qualifying re-offense since it is paperwork and not a human being being offended. There are scores of unhoused Americans who are on the registry and they are living in shelters or on the streets. Many are former foster care or group homes youth that have aged out of the system. There are alot of veterans on the registry with PTSD or simply for public indecency such as public urination from being intoxicated which is similar to college students getting drunk at a fraternal group party as Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh indicated that he experienced in his college years. So if federal judges can be shown lienency for their youthful or mishaps that are considered nonviolent or no contact offenses, then American veterans and college age voters can be removed from the registry for dating a 16 or 17 year old consensual.


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