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Think of the Sex Offender Registry as another divisive. This is a call to abolish SORNA and SMART Office entirely.

Most people feeling the effects of afflictive emotions that often lead to sexual offending may never ask for help for fear of being accused of a sexual offense, arrested, and targeted by the Sex Offender Registry;

The Sex Offender Registry endangers and fosters afflictive emotions in targeted persons, promotes public hysteria and unreasonable stereotypes, is no cure for sexual offending, nor is it a prevention;

Many people who otherwise would benefit from seeking a cure are being caught up in the Sex Offender Registry, and perhaps because of over-criminalization of sex behaviors many are arrested and prevented from carrying on with their lives.

Laws have been in place for a long time to fairly prosecute offenders. Fair trials of fact determine punishment for crimes and considering the mitigating circumstances determine an end of the punishment. SORNA exceeds those factual determinations by implementing additional punishment that did not exist at the time of an offense. SORNA’s rules are outside the purview of our legal system, and therefore unlawful.

Our criminal justice courts have the authority within each state jurisdiction to determine fair judgments, often bargaining with defendants to accept the verdict and ruling of the court with full disclosure of the consequences. With SORNA no such transparency exists when year after year the requirements of registration can be changed on a whim.

The victims of SORNA are grouped together under a label that does not acknowledge dynamic risk levels that consider mitigating circumstances nor the facts that can change affecting the individual. Yet, the same stigma is forced upon all those who are labeled sex offenders regardless of the seriousness of the act, whether that act was ongoing, or the progress toward restoration of the individual who seeks to return to a normal existence.

Since so few states have come into compliance with SORNA and are not likely to implement consistent state regulation there can be no equity in the implementation of rules.

SORNA at the International Level?

Domestically, the sex offender registry, SORNA and the SMART Office offer little more than redundancy for law enforcement for those few states that have implemented AWA rules. Internationally, a Sex Offender jacket could bring disastrous results where US citizens are not protected by our rule of law.

Adult Education

An Alternative to “Stranger Danger” Relatively Speaking

How did so many politicians so easily come to the false assumption that there are sexual predators waiting on every corner for innocent children to prey upon? All adults need to fully understand the real risks for children and the vulnerable, the cause of sexual offending, and the cure for sexual offending. SORNA is ineffective and perhaps harmful because it publicly and punitively labels, shames and blames those who will never offend again and provides no education for those trusted who may be unaware of their own potential for offending.

Cause and Cure of Sexual Offending What every adult needs to know.


Chain of thoughts feelings behaviors with an underlying motivation to find an opportunity for sexual gratification.
Afflictive emotions arise from issues of self-interest. Reason becomes clouded, boundaries fade, hurt-for-hurt mood results.
Unfulfilled needs and uncontrolled thought processes and other thinking errors become the focus of attention.
Selfish motivations from attachments, desires, wants, issues and errors block empathy for other setting up final step:
Exclusion of the victim from the empathy pool.


Choose a different path, knowing the outcome of habitual causal chains, by planning an alternative way to sexual gratification.
Understand your motivations, emotions and thinking errors. Deal with issues of self-interest, focus on fulfilling real needs.
Restore all the ethical boundaries that have eroded over time. Respect and value yourself as you respect and value others.
Empathize at every opportunity. Identify your selfish motivations that formerly blocked empathy and deal with them.
The longer you entertain the thought the more difficult it is to stop. Always plan ahead to interrupt inappropriate thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

For all of the reasons above, and the additional problems already existing in OAG 121, SORNA should be abolished. In particular the name of the act, Adam Walsh Act, should be removed for lack of a connection to a sex offender on a national registry.


Comment on OAG 157 Cover Letter to Clerk

Comment on OAG 157a



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Download the PDF file .


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