This is not even right , These laws do nothing but hold down people who have served their time for their crime in most cases of people of this registry they never even had a court of law judge who applied this kind of punishment too them as myself , I was sentenced in 1992 to 1 to 3 years by a judge 5 years before even a state registry was ever created, 13 years before this federal registry was enacted , a politicians / attorney general as since retro activated now over 25 years more to my sentence , My judge has long retired and the punishment is still being added year after year retroactively not just to me but my entire family , my daughter suffers , my wife suffers , my life is a complete HELL, because of the internet and because of renegade politicians & attorney generals from state too federal , i CANNOT provide for my family , No one will hire a person on a public sex offender registry, EVERYONE knows this . You people are so wrong , i was 19 years old when i received 1 to 3 years on pure he says she says B.S you have since retroactively unconsitutanaly destroyed my life and my families , I will tell you this much KEEP pushing these SO called Rules , Knowsing damn well its abuse of power to people and you will soon understand the destruction and evil you will bring out of someone who has NOTHING to loose or to Live for , This has gone way too far and it will cause more harm then it does good STOP holding people down who have already served their time for their crimes, no matter if they did it or NOT ! They have the right to live equal , not allowing them too will only hurt our community’s and cause more harm then good. Retroactive Registries Will Not Survive ! You know damn well these registries are disabilitating and punitive at he highest levels. Mr Bill Barr.. Who gives you & the politicians the power to write law ??? You are NOT a Judge , Jury or a Executioner . WAKE UP !

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