The registry is as wrong as hanging someone in the middle of time square , These so called rules, as we see as laws over our lives have too end this has gone way to far these people have serve their sentences in a constitutional court of law , Most decades ago years before this retroactive SORNA punishment registry was ever even thought of by a false monger advocate driven power abusive politician. People make mistakes, People are caught up in the web of unconstitutional laws that hold little too no need for “PROOF OR SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE” to support a conviction ,in some cases not even a day or a time too convict the young men of our Country , Then to think most NEVER even had the right to INECENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILITY WITH OUT A RESONABLE DOUBT. Americans need too wake up to these lies & false studies this state uses too Fear Monger them to gain power over the People , Scientific Studies Prove these facts Not a Rouge Attorney General Abusing his Powers as this one does QUIET often, as most Americans already have witnessed first hand in this Country . MR BILL BARR THESE ARE NOT JUST YOUR CORRUPT POWERS AT WORK AGAIN , THESE ARE PEOPLES LIVES YOU ARE DESTROYING IN MOST CASES FOR A ENTIRE LIFE TIME , YOU ARE NOT A FEDERAL JUDGE OR A JURY BUT YOU ARE NOW PLAYING THE EXECUTIONER AS CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS HAS PRODUCTED . RETROACTIVE LIFE SENTENCES TO PEOPLE AFTER A SENTENCE , IS NOT AMERICAN ! THESE RULES SUCK & YOU KNOW IT ! It starts with sex offenders and ends with EVERYONE ! These Rules are Wrong ! Enough is Enough ! You know Damn well these registries are not only punitive to the ones on them but DESTROYS ENTIRE FAMLIES , NOW FOR LIFE ??? STOP !


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