I am appalled in so many personal, constitutional, and societal ways as to the juggernaut our legislators have created, (SORNA). It is nothing more than another form of many forms throughout the history of our nation of a witch hunt. My wife and I never could have imagined that our nation founded on liberty and freedom for all could create such a form of lifelong banishment, and systematically promote fabricated fears of the so called “sex offender”. Our son who is now 34 was born in 1986. By the age of 8 he was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome, (All statements herein are well documented). By the age of 11 he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, (ASD level 1). Before our son was arraigned he had seen a developmental pediatrician, a neurologist, a psychiatrist, and four psychologists by the age of 25. He was making progress,was a law abiding citizen, never in trouble with the law. Like everyone else he has hormones but did not have the developmental capacity or understanding of how to socialize with the opposite sex. So, as many on the spectrum do he went inward,(see attached). He later accidentally found pornography on the internet. Later, he discovered child pornography on a P2P website that he was using to find free movies and music. What parent could ever have imagined that such horrid material is available to anyone in the world. Mom and dad were SHOCKED to discover that this illicit material is free on the internet, readily available 24/7/365, and without warnings. No other illicit material, illegal drugs, firearms, is more easily available, in the privacy of one’s own home than CP. Almost one million citizens on our registries and no end in sight! Our developmentally disabled son was just released from three years in prison and is now on a public registry. We ask you how do you think it makes any sense to put the responsibilities of law enforcement into the hands of the ill informed public. All the registries do is incite unwarranted fears in our citizens. Citizens who have no idea that many on the registries are not only intellectually and developmentally disabled but that there are many children on our registries as well! Also, that many on our registries have not engaged in touch offenses. We ask you, why have we abandoned all logic here? You’re not rendering our son to the “sidelines” of our society. No, what the registry does is renders our son a NONPERSON, (See attachment).

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