These Registries and the Rules need to end , This is not Ok in anyway it effects so many families and young adults for a life time of shaming, humiliation, struggles they can never be equal, it is very disabilitating it hold the people on them back from ever having a reason to live normal and equal. Please do not keep adding these so called rules to millions of Americans to hold them down. Whit what is going on in this country today we should be focusing on love, compassion, and forgiveness. I hope that these rules are not enacted these people on these registries have endured enough suffering. Each case is different this is why they should not be all tiered as all being dangerous by levels together, These registries were enacted for the most dangerous in our society the politician has used it to hold down millions of unprivileged Americans to create revenue. During a pandemic this kind of sneaky under ground move is unexpectable at all levels . It starts with the sex offenders and ends with every American .

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