1st off I have never met anyone who has been on the registry who was not changed. Also not one person on these lists are a threat to society. Before the inmate leaves prison to be able to enter back into society they must successfully complete a psychological evaluation. People on the registry are normal people who served their time and are trying to move on with their life in a positive manner. Trust me I know tons of them as I worked in prison ministry and kept in contact. I mean why don’t they have registration for thieves and arsonists….I mean I would rather know who would steal and burn my property. I have always believed in second chance if they want to work for it. No one is perfect…and if people say well what about the victims……I was a victim…..and as such I know that if the media keeps spreading fear of sex offenders and the registry which is all a lie like I said it will keep u in those chains. I have justification on this as someone who was a victim. My offender was not on the registry and still isn’t and I have met so many people who are on it that are not a threat to anyone. There are also laws against using the registry to cause harm or harassment even though that is the reason people use it, trust me I know. Off the record I am not a sex offender. But also know this that I am against actual people who kidnap and rape little children. But people who kidnap and rape little children and rape babies and all that disturbing shit are never getting out of prison remember that. Honestly the media and government has been for decades causing fear over this thing called the registry when in fact 99.95 % of those on the registries are not even a threat to anyone. They use this as a ploy to keep themselves out of the spotlight. Honestly the ones u should fear are the ones NOT ON THE REGISTRY. I was a child victim of someone who never got on the registry. I was also someone who would look up just for the FUN OF IT TO GET MYSELF WORKED UP AND FEARFUL. BUT I HAVE ALSO MET TONS OF THEM THROUGH PRISON MINISTRIES AND THEY ARE NORMAL PEOPLE WHO SERVED THEIR TIME, STAY CRIME FREE AND JUST TRY THEIR HARDEST EVRYDAY TO DO GOOD AND LIVE THEIR LIFE IN A POSITIVE MANNER AND WOULD ALSO TRY TO BE THE BEST PARENTS, SPOUSES, FRIENDS AND EMPLOYEES THEY CAN BE. But if they can’t make friends or employers want to hire them or their kids are outcasts because their parent is on the registry then THAT IS NOT OK. See what good it is not doing? They served their time yet they are FOREVER A PRISONER BECAUSE OF THE REGISTRY. I BELIEVE IN A 15 YEAR MAX. NO PERSON WHO HAS PAID THEIR DEBT TO SOCIETY SHOULD HAVE TO BE CONDEMNED FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. ANY OFFENDER WILL REOFFEND WITHIN 1-5 YEARS AND NO REAL PREDATOR COULD LAST 10 YEARS WITHOUT A VICTIM. 15 YEARS BUT THE REGISTRY SHOULD ONLY BE LAW ENFORCEMENT ACCESSIBLE. MEANING PUBLIC SHOULD NOT HAVE ACCESS AS IT IS A HARASSMENT AND VIGILANTE SYSTEM. IF PEOPLE ARE WORKING HARD TO DO BETTER WITH THEIR LIFE THEN THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO BE FREE AS WITH “ANY OTHER CRIME” I WAS A VICTIM, THEN A HATER, NOW A COMPASSIONATE LAW ABIDING CITIZEN WHO KNOWS THE CONSTITUTION AND CIVIL RIGHTS. FREE THEM AND REMOVE THE REGISTRY FROM PUBLIC ACCESS. EDUCATION OVERRIDES FEAR AND JUDGMENT.

Nicole R.

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