The sex offender registry is a complete failure. The intention behind it may have had some good intentions but the registry is ineffective in meeting and providing improved public safety. Instead it provides a false sense of security to the naive and foolish while increasing risk to public safety. It is abused by politicians for cheap points with the uneducated voter which is exactly what this proposal is. There is a significant amount of empirical evidence to support the dissolution of the registry while there is little to support its continuation.
In consequence to the registry there have been multiple homicides unnecessary and needless all as a result of the existence of the registry. Not all the victims were actual registrants but completely innocent victims of uncontrolled wrath encouraged and enabled by the existence of the registry. Can the family and friends of these victims press charges against the creators and maintainers of the registry?
The registry prevents employment, creates homelessness, breaks up family, and spreads fear based on myth not science. Please do not intensify an already existing problem by making it worse but do the right thing and dissolve the registry and use the money wasted on its maintenance to help victims of abuse and apprehend those guilty of committing such acts instead.

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