The Government’s boot is on my neck and i can’t breath.
This is straight up Nazi type crap that the United States Government is engaging in. Some of my relatives escaped the Nazis and some did not, and now i feel persecuted and trapped in a Nazi type regime myself with no chance to escape.
I have been in the community for over twenty years with not even so much as a parking ticket. There is scientific evidence that shows that i am no more likely to commit another sex offense than any other citizen, so why is it necessary for me to continue to be held down by the United States Nazi boot.
I keep trying to love this country but this country keeps hating me, and keeps putting me and my family at great danger from vigilantes and nut cases that would like to kill me and my family. This is nothing more than State sponsored doxing, and you can not justify it any longer as these laws were passed and continue to passed and upheld based on false, incorrect, and outright lies that are continually proven so by scientific data and facts. Forcing someone to register for life based on a decades old conviction with no due process or not basing it on scientific data is absolutely cruel, and serves no purpose other than punishment and revenge.
Please take your boot off my neck and let me breath. Please stop acting like Nazis. You can not make America great again by sponsoring these type of Nazi rules, so please stop thinking like a Nazi and like Hitler used to think.

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