DOJ DOCKET NOTE: PERSONAL IDENTIFYING INFORMATION OF THE COMMENTER REDACTED AT THE COMMENTER’S REQUEST. The SOR has impacted me personally at home and in work. My sentence was in 1993 and slowly over the years more and more regulation and restriction have been added to me even though I have had no trouble withe the law after this incident. I have been gain fully employed and started a family with four children. The SOR has publicly added my name for all neighbors to see, and then interferes with how families interact with my children. I have also been a victim of fraud with someone using the online public information to verify my information and address. When traveling for work I was not allowed to enter Brazil, and when traveling with family i get stopped at each border and go through all the questions. The quarterly in person registration is also a constant permanent reminder of the issue (not that it will eve be forgotten) but how can one move past it when feeling constantly penalized and the threat of further legal action if failing to register.

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