I do not think that lifetime registry is necessary for anyone. It is not fair to make people who got in trouble in 1984 or 1985 and did time in prison, then got out and completed their parole, and then had to be on the registry. They went from prison, to parole, to 25 years on the registry to life on the registry. That is not fair, nor is it right. Once a person has done their time, they shouldn’t be allowed to add more to it. I had sole physical custody of my children when they were growing up. I raised them and supported them without their dad. My crime happened before they were born. My kids, now adults, went through all kinds of problems because I was/am on the registry. Now I can’t go to the school for my grandchildren. If I had went to prison for manslaughter, I would have been free and clear right now. This is definitely cruel and unusual punishment. If a person was convicted before 1990 they shouldn’t have to deal with this if they haven’t been in any more trouble. Thank you.

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