There’s no need to do this! It makes no sense too! It’s basically like double jeopardy I feel too. Come on being on two registries is even more cruel punishment the state registry is a unfair punishment as it is. Causing harm to the registrants families they stay or live with, many share the same cars with they need to put their vehicles on the registry too!
If their must be a State registry it can be put in a private data base, not one that prevents a company not to give the person a job, just to shame them and put a Scarlet- A to society, trying to shame them, for a past they had more than likely did prison time for! Where is the fair justice in that, people already care the felony’s too that’s enough which as of now can’t be expunged! We need to focus on a Registered S.O. not being ashamed to live among their neighbors and communities not as a harmful Leper.

This extra Federal registry is being used as a tool to try to confuse current S.O’ to put more stress on them, and set them up for failure while already living back in society and while with having the least recidivism rate type of offense! You tell me where the fair justice is in that! We need to get real and not have tyrants not making these decisions at the federal and states levels too.

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