The SO Registry is both unconstitutional and a violation of human rights. It had been denounced by several countries. It is barbaric to single out one crime to publish offender information to the world. Originally was for public safety. Proponents claim it is not punishment yet many counties and cities use it to impose restrictions on where people can live. Employers and property management use it to restrict where people can work or live. Residency restrictions are 1,000 feet and more from child safety areas. This is longer than a football field. ALL OF THIS IS PUNISHMENT AND GOES FAR BEYOND PUBLIC SAFETY. There are many studies that show that the registry is ineffective. Most sex offenses are committed by someone that knows the victim. Stranger danger is rare. Sex offenses have the lowest recidivism rate of all major crimes. Only murder is lower. Lifetime registration suggests that rehabilitation is not possible but that is far from the truth. It is unconstitutional to dictate where people can live after they have paid for their crimes. The registry hurts more kids than it helps. Children of people on the registry are shamed and bullied. Not to mention the kids forced into homelessness or poverty because finding employment and housing has become so difficult. This feeding frenzy based on unfounded fear instead of hard data must stop.

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