Please, I beg of you, stop throwing thousands upon thousands of citizens in to one bucket. Though the victim and her mother begged the court not to punish my son for a Romero and Juliet relationship (that thirty years ago would have received a stern warning and nothing more), though the judge ruled that my son and his girlfriend be permitted to write their own ending to their relationship, and though he completed 6 months in jail and 10 years of probation…*still he is required to live out his life in shame and exceptional hardship. Now 46 I do not know if he will ever marry as this sentence asks so much of the family members, few will take it on. Do your work, quit lumping marginal risk people in with those who indeed pose a threat to society. Who is going to stand up for these people? Who is going to read the statistics and say Enough? I pray these thousands of marked citizens know that God knows their hearts even if politicians do not.

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