I understand there needs to be a registry but there has been multiple times where I’ve been told I’m finally getting off. What happened to the the doe 2 now there saying that the doe 1 have to still register. I’m confused. What’s the since of all these classes we take and having a second chance at life? I have epilepsy and this is totally killing me. I really had hope that the judge would have not allowed this. This isn’t fair I paid my debt and I feel like some people should get a second chance. There’s killers out here and they have no registration or nothing and it’s just as bad. Make this make since. Because I’m still young and have a life and a family? WOW. I was already told I was off. then I was told to wait until things reopened, now this. I feel this keeps people on for those reasons I OPPOSE. For those who oppose we need to speak out this is are life! Are family’s life’s

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