The sex offender registration is nothing more than extended punishment to those convicted. I Know for sure that not all that are convicted are guilty. There are a lot of innocent men and women who face threats because of the registry. The registry does not help keep anyone safe. It is only punishment of the convicted person. These people have done their time and have the second lowest recidivism rate. The lies that those convicted of a sex crime are always a danger to society is just that a LIE. Most sex crimes are committed by people that are not on the registry. The registry only puts the people on it at risk of threats, attacks, denial of work, denial of worship. If you were honest it is a violation of the retroactive law that was to protect people from corrupt government, because this was only a way to punish those convicted of a sex crime to be punished for the rest of their life. Is prison only a warehouse to put people or are these people put in prison to rehabilitate themselves and come out a productive citizen of this country. Abolish the registry and use the money and police time for active crimes, instead of wasting this money putting those on the registry in danger from people who know nothing about the real stats. You only put lives in danger.

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