Please consider NOT enacting these or any new regulations for sex offender registrants to follow. New restrictions will not significantly increase public safety. Studies have shown that over 95% of all new sex crimes are committed by people who are not currently required to register.

Do sex offender registries prevent sex abuse? According to research, no. See the quote below from psychologytoday.com.

“As with most things, the answer is complicatedbut researchers overwhelmingly agree that in general, the answer is “no.” While some evidence suggests that registries may act as a deterrent for new sex crimes, the overall research has demonstrated that these laws do little to nothing to reduce reoffending”

Typically, as with this proposed requirement, the additional restrictions and regulations are political knee jerk reactions to outcry from those who are uneducated or under informed about the subject.

Additionally, individual state requirement are often overly restrictive and exposing, leaving those who often had one minor offense numerous years ago at risk of harm to unprovoked attacks by those who wish to generalize to the worst possible scenario what all registrants have done, then seek to dish out vigilanty justice.

Registration Rules are often complicated and difficult to follow. They put those who wish to simply move forward with their life at legal risk for no reason or benefit to society. New restrictions would only serve to exaserbate this complexity and risk. New unnecessary restrictions will undoubtedly add more futile legal cases to federal, state, and local prosecutors budgets with no safety benefit to the public.

Also the additional cost of these restrictions on already strained law enforcement budgets would be exorbitant and with little to no effect or benefit.

If anything, our legal system should be looking for ways to simplify the registration process and reduce costs and complexity, reduce registration terms/time and not add more restrictive layers to an already proven ineffective system.

Thank you for your consideration of my comments. Please feel free to contact me for clarification as needed.

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