The registry is nothing more than a tool to instill fear in he public that has no real value. There is no registry for murderers, no registry for people who’ve been convicted of assaults’, no registry for any other convicted offense, except for sexual assaults’. All persons who have a conviction for sexual assault are judged by the worst of worst when the facts are they are not all on the same level of offense. A person who lands on the registry for urinating in public, sexting, having underage sex because they themselves are barely of legal age or even someone who has a conviction of indecent exposure, is not at the high risk level of someone who is considered a very high risk serial rapist. There is much research and facts on this very thing. The registry causes homelessness, unemployment, danger not just to the registrant but to their families, their children. Look at the facts of how hard it is for someone who is required to registry to find a house to live in when cities are allowed to put ridiculous parameters on where they can reside. They are basically forced out to a bridge or a car over this kind of fear mongering. Recidivism rates are extremely low for a sex offense. Read the facts please. No one should ever have a lifetime of punishment for a mistake, a mistake they’ve already been legally punished for. No one should have to live in fear because all their personal information is available for public viewing and public shaming. No family should have to live in fear because their loved ones personal information is available for public viewing and public shaming. Read the facts!
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