I am a registered sex offender, convicted in 2009 for traveling from US to Canada with nude pictures of minors (teens) on my hard drive. I have served over 4.5 years in an FCI (low) and completed probation successfully in 2020. I am extremely concerned about the overreaching consequences of the proposed changes. I am retired and wish to resume a full life, having served my time and completed a SO Treatment program. But I have found this nearly impossible, as obstacles are constantly thrown my way. Travel is restricted to most countries outside of the EU. I have been harassed in my own neighborhood by strangers who only know me from seeing my name and address on the SO registry.
Studies have shown that this registry, while it is intended to serve the public, has only caused more problems than it has solved. It endangers the lives of low offenders like me, who did not commit and hands-on crime, and who pose no risk to their neighbors whatsoever. Furthermore, it is a fact that of all crimes, SOs have one of the lowest recidivism rates. Instead of adding further punishment to low level offenders, it behooves the government to provide us with a path towards getting of the lifetime registry, especially when we are in compliance and have committed no further sex crimes.
I hope you will consider this when voting on this legislation.

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