I made a mistake, now I am a registered sex offender. And although I’m not a monster I am perceived as one due to this registry. I stepped off the narrow path into the wide one the world travels, fornication regardless of the age it’s not something that our heavenly Father wants us to participate in. I am not condoning sexual behavior with underage people don’t get the wrong impression here. I’ve stepped back on my narrow path I repented, and I am following my heavenly Father’s ways once again. And at some point we will all stand before Him. we will all be judged, and we will be judged according to how we judged others on this Earth. For those people who keep punishing for something that was done in the past to people who no longer behaving those manners, remember you two will be judged just as harshly for whatever you’ve done during your life on this Earth. And in our heavenly Father’s eyes a lie is just as bad as murdering someone. So when you keep this label on me when I am not this person any longer, you’re lying about me, and probably many others. You may find this is not relevant at this time, but one day you will stand before our heavenly Father as will all of us.

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