I was entrapped by an undercover sting, a detective posing as a minor. There was no “real” person. They called my phone, sent emails, sent IMs until I agreed to meet, they typed up obscene messages and claimed I typed them. I did not. I was never in trouble with the law ever. This incident has ruined me forever. The shame and disgrace I have to live with every day is unbearable. I can’t find a better job or move somewhere else. I can’t support my children in their schooling. I know there are violent offenders out there, paid the price and debt to society. Why does SORNA feel the need to make it even more difficult for a registrant to survive with more and more harsh and strict requirements? Are you actually protecting society? Studies show the registry does nothing to protect the community but causes unrest and disruptiveness.
I have been threatened in the streets, I fear for my life every day that someone will recognize me and will want to impose harm. My family who is innocent are in danger and I fear for them. Every car that drives by slowly I wonder if they are looking for me.
I have never hurt any person or animal. I am a law-abiding citizen that just wants his life back. Everyone makes mistakes, some are forgiven but the registrants are not and every year it gets harder every year. Please consider the effects of the laws you are trying to impose.
SORNA is already incredibly onerous, adding additional requirement and restrictions (such as the disclosure of professional licenses) will place
individuals who have been lucky enough to secure employment or businesses in jeopardy.
Making it expressly retroactive will take people who have long ago completed their state-ordered
sanction and effectively put them back on probation (the obligations under registration are
tantamount to probation.)

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