Perhaps early in the genesis of the registry it was truly intended to be a tool for the safety of the public, however now it has morphed into a behemoth of epic proportions with an appetite for destruction of the lives of registrants and subsequently their families and other loved ones. Plain and simple, the registry is punitive and does not provide any benefit to the public. It is not possible for anyone to truly be monitored and kept tabs on 24/7 so how does the knowledge of someone’s address, vehicle and tag number, and place of employment make anyone safer especially when you consider that the recidivism rate amongst this group is lowest when compared to any other crime? Those who commit truly heinous violent acts are often sent to prison for life or what equates to a life sentence and will never be back in society so it is the lower level offender who often suffers the most. Since the overwhelming majority of new sex offences are not committed by those on the registry, it is time to move beyond fear mongering and hiding behind lies that these men and women impose a huge threat to the safety of the public. Ultimately these laws will prove to be unsustainable as the number of registrants reach a million plus, the costs becoming overwhelming and the legal ramifications so complex, few even know the true extent of the legislation.


The Digest Volume XIII Issue 5



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