I am writing as a victim of sexual abuse. I want to thank the politicians that have tried to make society safer against sexual crimes. However, after reading the restrictions of SORNA, I know this would not have made a difference in protecting me when I was abused as a minor because of how focused it is on the false “stranger danger”. Truth is, Christianity and psychological help has guided me to forgive my wrongdoer, and I would never want them to be subject to SORNA as I am confident they would not reoffend.

All SORNA does is create a *false* image of safety. False because it is scientifically proven offenders have one of the lowest reoffending rates of any crime. SORNA creates separation in society, giving the illusion every person on the registry is the same. But they are not! SORNA has also instigated vigilantes to take matters into their own hands, and police sickly applaud their actions.
I wish the government would take *all* the effort put into the reactionary SORNA, and instead create public awareness that would prevent sexual crimes instead of continuously punishing those that are low-risk of reoffending. SORNA should focus on those of high-risk and who truly are a danger to society.

I am a victim and I wholeheartedly disagree with SORNA.

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