People CAN and do change This list allows no one a chance. People have jobs and families and look forward to ending their time spent on the lists, subject to public scrutiny when in fact, not all crimes fit the punishment. This makes it infinitely more difficult and in fact ruins their lives forever, not only for the time they were sentenced to. It sets up their children for failure. If someone is indeed in need of monitoring as a repeat offender, let the states systems address this.
Why punish those who have made a mistake and only gone forward improving their lives and now face total desolation.

Under age consensual sex does not make one a life long predator. 25 years is enough punishment. Consider if your sons/daughters or loved ones made a mistake but have paid their time. Would you feel the same if this involved your loved ones? Or would you consider it to be a harsh move?

Allow people to graduate from this list, to rise above and continue on with their lives. Allow consideration for time spent changing their lives. Does the system allow for a personal review of every case?? Every case is not the same. This is not cookie cutter.
If you wish to put the law into effect, put it into effect for new crimes. How can you consider this a fair and equitable plan? to punish people who have already been punished and are looking to freedom? How can you go back years and recall this population of people back into more years of penalty then they were orignally told they would have? Look at yourselves in the mirror.. Again I ask,.. if this were your family would you do the same? Would you fight to make this law effective if your family member was punished for under age consensual sex and has served 20 years as a hard working citizen, with a family and now faces being pushed back into more years of punishent. Look in the mirror.. if it was your son, your grandson, your husband.. would you really think this was fair??

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