The current practice of putting all offenders on the sex offender list is a life long punishment in itself . It should not be used for low tier offenders. It currently groups all levels of offenders together which taxes law enforcement, floods the system and hides the most dangerous predators . Placing the lowest tiers of first offenders on the same level as violent high level offenders is not only cruel its counter productive. Not only do they pay for their original punishment handed down by the court they are then placed on the sex offender list which makes it nearly impossible to find work , education and every day needs like housing . The list continues to brand and punishment them .

In its current state , it does nothing more then add isolation and despair and offers no real help to anyone . It keeps low offenders with a chance at rehabilitation from attaining any kind of proper education, employment or housing and locks them out of society. If anything this is a further threat to society. If you strip a young man of all his rights and needs as a human how do you expect him to move forward on a higher path? The offender list program needs to be revised . It condemns many young people to an inhuman existence most of them do not deserve.

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