imagine these laws apply to even the victim as collateral damage in some cases, for example, a romeo and juliet couple one time offender with his current wife of 10 years. The victim then marries the guy she falls in love with when they are able to legally. The collateral consequences from these laws will effectively punish the victim as well as her kids in this case for being in love? Or how bout a father of a kid that will never see their mother, because he cant petition his wife because the government thinks he is a threat to her, but at the same time, their kid he has in the Usa with him and is proven not a threat to the kid? How does this make sense, these are true stories on the registry.

These laws do more harm then good, and punishes 1 million plus people plus, their wives/husbands, mothers, fathers, kids and grandkids. In a effort to save one child. There is no proof these laws even have saved a child, but proof it has burdened many children and families. These people are trying to get on with their life’s, they should be able to without the country that’s supposed to protect them create laws that put them at risk of failing and put them back in prison. If you went in today and asked 20 cops a registration question, 9 out of 10 times you will get a different answer. You will effectively ruin the lives of millions of people with this decision. please do the right thing and vote against this proposal we have enough bad laws to reform already without these new laws.
Thank you for your time

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