The nationwide sex offender registry is a huge waste of time and money with little to no benefits to Americans. As someone who went to prison for ten years when I was 17 years old for a very poor choice, I have served my time and paid my debt to society. I am classified as the lowest risk to reoffend by “experts” and I am a contributing member of society with a loving family, great career, and a beautiful home. I have zero desire to commit another crime and I am nothing like I was when I was committed the crime. Numerous states have found portions of their sex offender registry unconstitutional and the common theme with these is they were found to be forms of punishment, not deterrents. Look at the evidence for what is working, and what is not working, and it is clear that the sex offender registry is simply not working except as a form of punishment to those that have served their time. The entire process is broken and a trip to a different state nearly landed me in jail, because the visiting state did not have any sort of process to register me as a temporary visitor. Please consider the numerous comments and take some time to hear from your constituents about their experiences. The registry is broken, so instead of trying to place band-aids on this, recommend to Congress for the repeal. Thanks

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