I stand with NARSOL to put an end to the registry. It is nothing more than a public hit list and puts innocent family members in harm’s way that live with a registrant. I demand it be taken down immediately to prevent the loss of any more lives and put an end to vigilantism. This madness must stop. The registry has morphed out of control and protects no one. Children are placed on the registry for sexting and face a lifetime of harassment and continued punishment. Teens have committed suicide by being placed on the list. Please visit https://ww1.womenagainstregistry.org/ to learn more.

“NARSOL demands the end to state-sponsored facilitation of vigilante murders https://narsol.org/2020/05/narsol-demands-the-end-to-state-sponsored-facilitation-of-vigilante-murders/?no_cache=1&fbclid=IwAR2-BRHdhsP1287wEhF3SGkvrhGKaSXBAECc9uxMdpVyaQNQw2p_rfZIv-Y”

Barbara Rehling, BSN, RN
Women Against Registry
Missouri State Chapter Leader

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